1. FastPay offers a Total AP Solution, managing all payment methods and optimizing your payments for the highest revenue share.

2. No Tier Payments System: Your rates do not change based on volume.

3. 28% average lift in payment volume for agencies that have switched to FastPay.

4. FastPay is a media specific solution. Our competitors service all industries, diminishing their ability to service the unique complexities of media.

5. Our global database TROVE has been built over 10+ years and contains nuanced acceptance criteria for over 70,000 suppliers garnering us the highest acceptance of any media payments providers. In a recent analysis, a competitive payment solution missed 45% of payments to known card accepting suppliers.

6. FastPay monetizes ALL payments, regardless of size, through automation and custom-built technology while other solutions using manual card entry miss smaller volume transactions.

7. FastPay Network provides agencies a new payment method to access hundreds of suppliers and millions of dollars left un-monetized by other providers.

8. FastPay Offers 24/7 dedicated account management who are incentivized to expand supplier acceptance to grow your account.

9. Our SitePay technology accesses hundreds of supplier portals to automate secure payments within minutes of payment upload.

10. Integrations with all major media accounting systems including API, FTP and custom file uploads.

By automating and streamlining our payment operations with FastPay ePay, we have made that process better, faster, and easier. That is a great thing. FastPay was the best fit for our business because it offered greater flexibility than our existing solution and was developed to meet the specific needs of our industry.”Mike Babel, Senior Vice President, Swanson Russell