FastPay President and COO Secil Baysal spoke about bridging the gap in media payments and finance during his presentation at Montgomery Summit 2020. A summary can be read below:

With the advancement of technology in modern society, companies are eager to pursue investment in front-end systems. However, these same industries are also grappling with legacy back-end systems that make it difficult to capitalize on their new technology.

For example, media agencies are exploring the new and exciting ways virtual and augmented reality can impact the way businesses interact with their customers. However, many media agencies also pay their suppliers via check with no consistent payment schedules, creating friction in the relationship between the two.

Fixing this backend issue for media agencies and their supplies is where FastPay comes in. The FastPay Network uses proprietary technology as well as over a decade of experience in media payments to enable ease of payment across the media landscape. Through a combination of payment processing and capital lending, our partners no longer need to stress over late invoices or cumbersome payment systems. 

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