FastPay at AAPC Pollies in San Juan, Puerto Rico

The FastPay team was excited to sponsor and attend this year’s AAPC Pollies, the political consulting event of the year. This year’s ceremony was particularly special as it kicked off in San Juan, Puerto Rico, providing a bit of respite before midterm elections commence. Political consultants, media buyers, public affairs specialists, suppliers, industry leaders, and journalists came together to not only learn but started the week with a community impact project in the heart of San Juan.  

Attendees also participated in their choice of three FastPay led adventures including a walking tour of Old San Juan, a Ron del Barrilito Rum Tasting, and horseback riding in the El Yunque National Rainforest. The week ended with an opportunity for participants to recognize one another at the Pollies Award Ceremony. We are so proud of our FastPay customers who took home a total of 63 Pollies!   



With 2022 projected to yield the most expensive midterm election in history, FastPay is leading the way in revolutionizing political media payments. We’ve put together must-have platform enhancements for political agencies including seamless Strata integration, automated overnight checks, and support for payments to digital media suppliers. Learn more about how FastPay Political can streamline your media payment process today.  

FastPay at ANA AFM: Powering Your Payables

After two long years, we were a sponsor at ANA’s annual Advertising Financial Management Conference held in Orlando, Florida this past week. Nearly 300 attendees came together from across the country to listen to powerful perspectives on the ever-evolving media landscape and how organizations are maximizing their profits.  

Attendees stopped by our booth between sessions to learn about the increased efficiency that comes with using the FastPay platform. We discussed how FastPay ePay seamlessly automates and optimizes your accounts payables, for improved workflow and streamlined payments. FastPay ePay is an essential tool for those looking to modernize their AP department.  



We enjoyed connecting with and learning from key advertising financial stakeholders who are shaping the industry and are looking forward to more conferences to come!  

To learn more about how FastPay can improve payments for your company, contact our sales team at 

An Evening of Workamajito’s!

FastPay is proud to have sponsored the reception at our partner Workamajig’s recent Finance Bootcamp held in Tempe, Arizona. The event consisted of a full day of focused sessions covering everything finance related in Workamajig, with plenty of time for Q&A so clients could engage with the tool in a small, close-knit setting. After a long day of learning, everyone headed to the reception for the cocktail of the hour, the Workamajito, and a chance to unwind and get to know others at the event. 

In partnership with Workamajig, we have an API integration that makes the payments process even smoother by fitting into your existing workflow and digitizing all payables directly from Workamajig – with just the click of a button. By using both Workamajig and FastPay, you’re able to improve your team’s efficiency while simultaneously increasing revenue.  

Our team had a blast meeting those who attended and we can’t wait for the next Workamajig event! 

To learn more about how FastPay fits into your Workamajig workflow, contact our sales team at 

FastPay at LMA: Transforming Legal Accounts Payable


FastPay recently attended the Legal Marketing Association conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. We were proud to be a sponsor of the event and connect with hundreds of legal marketing professionals who came together from across the world! The conference consisted of over 70 high impact speakers, sessions, and workshops on topics ranging from leadership to client experience within the legal vertical, providing a valuable learning experience to all.

We connected with attendees between sessions to discuss how FastPay’s ePay solution is a game changer for accounts payable departments. ePay makes for flexible and streamlined media payments, eliminating the burden of checks and seamlessly automating and optimizing your team’s workflow through integrations with your current accounting system. By enabling you to manage all of your department functions on one platform, you’re able to ensure business continuity and add revenue to your bottom line on invoices paid through the ePay system. 

We had an amazing time at LMA and can’t wait to connect with more legal professionals to improve accounts payables for your firm! 

To learn more about how you can implement FastPay ePay, schedule a call with our team at

Preparing for 2022 with TVB: Forward

FastPay recently (virtually) attended TVB: Forward and it was a fantastic experience! FastPay was a proud sponsor of the event and hosted a panel on the 2022 Gubernatorial races.

2022 will no doubt be a competitive election year. Gubernatorial races are taking place in 36 states, as well as House and Senate elections. The razor-thin majority differential in Congress means that every seat has the potential to flip control of both chambers. As competitive races up and down the ballot begin to prepare and execute ad campaigns, AdImpact projects that next year’s spending will hit $9B like it did in 2020, even without a presidential election. 

Despite the growing footprint of digital media, AdImpact expects broadcast to capture the lion’s share of spending this cycle. Reports show that candidates keep consistently turning to broadcast TV as their campaigns draw to a close. These ads serve to both get a candidate’s message out as well as potentially earning them a large share of earned media. 

Unfortunately, not all media has kept up technologically, with most major traditional media outlets still requiring paper checks or the use of clunky online portals. That’s why we created the FastPay Network. FastPay Network is an enhanced direct deposit network of both media agencies and suppliers that serves as an alternative to manual payment processes. To explain how FastPay Network can help you with your company’s accounts receivable process during the election cycle, we put together this video to help.

Congratulations to the 2021 Reed Award Winners!

FastPay at Nationals Park

For two days the very best political campaign professionals from across the world converge in one city for the Reed Awards & Conference. It’s an opportunity to reconnect, forge new relationships, dive into key issues affecting the industry, and celebrate the best campaign work from the preceding year, all while enjoying the industry’s social event of the year.

FastPay would like to congratulate all of the winners of this year’s awards. We’re proud to say that 7 FastPay clients brought home 26 awards across a swath of categories last night.

We’re also excited to use the conference to announce our recent end-to-end integration with FreeWheel’s Strata platform, the go-to media buying tool for political agencies nationwide. There is a projected $9B in political advertising up for grabs in the 2022 election season, and the new integration helps automate the payment and reconciliation processes for agencies so they can focus on the work that matters.

If you’re interested in learning more about how FastPay helps political agencies streamline, secure, and monetize their media buying process, reach out to us here. 

Bridging the Gap with FastPay Network

FastPay President and COO Secil Baysal spoke about bridging the gap in media payments and finance during his presentation at Montgomery Summit 2020. A summary can be read below:

With the advancement of technology in modern society, companies are eager to pursue investment in front-end systems. However, these same industries are also grappling with legacy back-end systems that make it difficult to capitalize on their new technology.

For example, media agencies are exploring the new and exciting ways virtual and augmented reality can impact the way businesses interact with their customers. However, many media agencies also pay their suppliers via check with no consistent payment schedules, creating friction in the relationship between the two.

Fixing this backend issue for media agencies and their supplies is where FastPay comes in. The FastPay Network uses proprietary technology as well as over a decade of experience in media payments to enable ease of payment across the media landscape. Through a combination of payment processing and capital lending, our partners no longer need to stress over late invoices or cumbersome payment systems. 

Interested in learning more about joining the FastPay Network? Reach out to our team to get a quick demo on FastPay Network and join an ecosystem of some of the largest agencies and suppliers in the world.

Congrats to All the Reed Award Winners!

Reed Awards 2020We were honored to sponsor and attend the 2020 Reed Awards in the Peach State. Named for Campaigns & Elections founder Stanley Foster Reed, The Reed Awards were created to recognize the best content producers in politics. And this year, we’re happy to announce that FastPay clients brought home a total of 29 Reed awards!  

It’s no secret that paying political media invoices can be unnecessarily complex. Printing, scanning, and overnighting with FedEx® to meet last minute deadlines is both labor intensive and stressful. FastPay Political was built to meet the unique demands of political media payments and allow political agencies the time to do what they do best…produce award winning campaigns. 

Want to reduce the tedious process behind making political payments? Contact our ad sales team to learn more and put yourself on the path to becoming a Reed award winner next year. 

FastPay Political Brings the Heat to Philly


As political debates heat up, we thought it was more than appropriate to sponsor the AAPC Mid-Atlantic and FastPay happy hour at Ladder 15 – a restored Philadelphia fire station turned bar and restaurant. It was a fitting setting for those that often find themselves putting out political fires for a living.

The venue was decked out in patriotic decorations, with American flag balloons arranged from top to bottom. Adding to the All-American theme, we catered cheesesteaks and pretzels because when in Philly, how could we not? Of course, there was also an open bar serving up some delicious beverages for everyone to sip on and talk shop in our nation’s first capital.

“It’s always a pleasure to partner with our friends at the AAPC Mid-Atlantic chapter to bring together agencies, media publishers, rep firms, and other industry participants. We were just lucky enough to host it in a city with such rich political history as the backdrop,” said Theresa Mueller, VP of Payment Sales at FastPay.

“I really enjoyed hearing about plans for the 2020 cycle and the buying activity that is already occurring,”  said Brendan Kelleher, Relationship Manager at FastPay.

Everyone has thoughts about how the 2020 cycle will shake out, but it seems that one thing is for sure— it will be a wild ride. The AAPC were gracious hosts, and the rich American history of Philadelphia made the perfect location to host the Mid-Atlantic chapter meet-up!

FastPay + Tubefilter Take on VidCon 2019

Nearly 80,000 people made their way out to Anaheim last week for the biggest event in the online video community— VidCon. Fans, creators, executives, and brands came together for four days of live performances and interactive experiences to celebrate all that is digital media, including a bowling event held by FastPay and Tubefilter.

Fastpay and Tubefilter hosted more than 30 clients, colleagues, and creators at Bowlmor, bringing together key players across the media landscape to share a few rounds of bowling, drinks, and good eats. 

“Since schedules are packed with panels, performances, and chats, we wanted to give creators and executives a getaway from the craziness of VidCon. We saw the Bowlmor event as the perfect opportunity to create a VIP lounge experience for attendees to mingle with other industry players while getting away from the action,” said Caroline Zager, Associate of Business Development at FastPay.

An event that brings together this many people in the online video industry is rare, and it was important to take advantage of the opportunity. The night allowed executives to see the passion creatives bring to their work and was a perfect environment to connect and collaborate. 

“We’ve been financing content creators and influencers in this space for 10 years so it was great seeing how our clients have grown and how many new faces are in the market,” explained Maytal Shainberg, SVP of Business Development and Origination at FastPay.