FastPay is proud to announce an integration with FreeWheel’s Strata platform that is set to further streamline and automate the media buying process for agencies nationwide. This will be especially valuable to political agencies in advance of the next political season. With a record-breaking $9B in political advertising projected for the 2022 off-cycle election, expediting advertising payments has become even more important for campaigns, agencies, and media suppliers. 

The integration with the Strata system works seamlessly with FastPay’s ePay platform to help agencies automate and monetize the last mile of their media buying process. The integration has two major components:

  1. Cleared media buys can now be sent electronically from the Strata platform over to FastPay through an API that streamlines the user workflow.
  2. Payments to vendors, in the form of VCC, ACH, or check are released via FastPay with users being notified automatically.

“This integration was a priority for our political customer base, giving agencies the opportunity to simplify their accounting operations and streamline their media buying process for the 2022 election,” said FastPay General Manager Secil Baysal. “Any move to save our agencies time during the cycle is welcome but the ability to connect to the source of the most widely used media stewardship system for political agencies is a home run. We listened to our clients and truly understand the FastPay Network integration was also a major success with our clients for the 2020 election, and we’re excited to offer that same service to our clients using the Strata platform.”

“This integration with FastPay empowers our mutual political clients to streamline their payments and focus on what they do best,” said Al Behmoiras, Account Director at FreeWheel. “FreeWheel and FastPay’s experience in the political media landscape allows us to truly understand the needs of these clients.”

The integration is currently available to users of FastPay ePay and FreeWheel’s Strata platform.  You can schedule a meeting with a member of the FastPay team here.