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FastPay's ePay solution is a game changer for agency accounts payable departments by enabling you to manage all your department functions remotely, ensuring business continuity and adding revenue to your bottom line on invoices paid through the ePay system.

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SitePay technology eliminates the need to manually enter information into supplier websites, reducing time and errors


Proprietary technology offers sophisticated reporting and transparency


Payments made via virtual card, FastPay Network, ACH, and check


ePay automatically reminds suppliers to process payments (so you don't have to) and our team members personally follow-up


Connectivity to hundreds of media dashboards and accounting systems, including MediaOcean, Freewheel, Advantage, Netsuite, Workamajig, & Quickbooks.

Proprietary Media Database

The largest supplier database with connections to 70,000+ media vendors

Relationship Management

A team of dedicated media payments experts monitors your account to maximize revenue and minimize labor

A Proven Solution

FastPay ePay has processed billions in media payments since 2012

Find Out How Much Fastpay Can Save You

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Operational savings based on potential materials and labor cost reductions. Savings estimate is solely a good faith approximation and does not constitute a guarantee or representation of actual savings. Such estimate is based on information provided and based on current market trends. Speak with a FastPay representative if you are interested in learning more.

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"FastPay offers us significantly better customer service, proprietary tools, higher revenue share, and much higher participation rates than my previous payment solution."

- Breck Templeton, Chief Financial Officer, 9thWonder

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"Most media-buying and advertising agencies use inefficient manual payment processes and solutions to pay invoices from media suppliers and publishers"

- It's Time For Media Agencies To Digitize The Last Mile Of Payments
Forrester Consulting Opportunity Snapshot:
A Custom Study Comissioned by FastPay | February 2019

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"In an age where there is an influx of invoices, approving and processing them manually is next to impossible. What FastPay brings to the table is a highly automated and algorithmic system to seamlessly manage tons of complex invoices making the process more smart and scalable."

- CIOReview

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