FastPay ePay

The only electronic payment solution designed for the media industry

As part of the FastPay Network, ePay works with your accounting platform to pay invoices, using all payment methods available, while generating revenue in the process. Our sole focus on media and our extensive, industry-specific supplier network ensures client satisfaction. The media world is changing every day, FastPay ePay makes sure your payments are keeping up.



SitePay technology eliminates the need to manually enter information into supplier websites, reducing time and errors


Proprietary technology offers sophisticated reporting and transparency


Payments made via virtual card, The FastPay Network, ACH, and check


ePay automatically reminds suppliers to process payments (so you don’t have to) and our team members personally follow-up


Authorized and feature-rich connections with Mediaocean, Advantage, Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, and more

Proprietary Media Database

The largest supplier database with connections to 60,000+ media vendors

Relationship Management

A team of dedicated media payments experts monitors your account to maximize revenue and minimize labor

A Proven Solution

FastPay ePay has processed billions in media payments since 2012

“By automating and streamlining our payment operations with FastPay ePay, we have made that process better, faster, and easier. That is a great thing. FastPay was the best fit for our business because it offered greater flexibility than our existing solution and was developed to meet the specific needs of our industry.”

- Mike Babel, Senior Vice President, Director of Finance, Swanson Russell

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