FastPay eResolve

Software that lets you quickly clear up media invoice discrepancies

Media buying systems attempt to match spots, dots and clicks, but a lot of manual work is left for finance, media control, and buying teams. Designed for agencies, advertisers, and media suppliers, FastPay eResolve is a software solution that triages discrepancies, using algorithms built from years of experience. The no-brainers are resolved faster, and the more complicated discrepancies are sent through a workflow that connects all parties involved.



Intelligent software reduces inconsistencies, risks, and labor costs


Comprehensive workflow allows managers to load-balance tasks and resolve bottlenecks

icon_Less Fricition
Less Friction

Reduce supplier calls and emails by centralizing communication


Works with Mediaocean, Strata, and other media systems


Support delivered by experts in media and discrepancy resolution

A Proven Solution

5 years’ experience helping clients solve invoice discrepancies

“Our media buyers and finance personnel have benefited from FastPay eResolve’s rules-based discrepancy resolution, skilled media expertise, and a software platform that meets the nuances and demands of the invoice reconciliation process.”

- David Williams, Director, Ad Operations, Media Storm

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