Billions in political media spend processed.

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2022 is projected to be the most expensive midterm election in history, which is why we’ve put together must-have platform enhancements for political agencies. That means a seamless Strata integration, automated overnight checks, and support for payments to digital media suppliers.

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SitePay technology eliminates the need to manually enter information into supplier websites, reducing time and errors

Automatic Notifications

Media reps are alerted immediately when payment is coming

Accounting Integrations

Connections with Quickbooks, Accountability and other accounting systems reduces data entry and increases speed of payments

FastPay Network

Our proprietary database maximizes supplier acceptance

24/7 Support

Our media finance specialists are on call, round-the-clock

A Proven Solution

Hundreds of thousands of political payments processed, totaling over $1B each election cycle


Access to our premium automated check services means you can spend more time focusing on your clients, not stuffing envelopes

Card Management

FastPay’s card management module allows agencies to create, manage, and reconcile virtual multi-swipe credit cards

Strata Integration

Allows agencies to quickly and seamlessly transfer buy data directly to FastPay for review & processing

“Our longstanding partnership with FastPay has gotten even stronger with Political+, which enables us to worry less about when and if media payments have been delivered, and focus more on our agency’s winning formula for our clients.”

- Patrick Kennedy, CFO,
AL Media

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With the 2022 political season just around the corner, it’s more important than ever for politcal agencies to streamline their payment process. Why? Learn more from our political infographic.

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