Billions in political media spend processed.

FastPay delivers.

Suppliers get paid quickly when FastPay Political handles your media payments. Built with client feedback and tested over multiple campaign cycles, our solution eliminates checks and overnight fees, provides separate notifications to media reps, and ensures your clients’ media runs as scheduled.

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SitePay technology eliminates the need to manually enter information into supplier websites, reducing time and errors

Automatic Notifications

Media reps are alerted immediately when payment is coming

Accounting Integrations

Connections with Quickbooks, Accountability and other accounting systems reduces data entry and increases speed of payments

FastPay Network

Our proprietary database maximizes supplier acceptance

24/7 Support

Our media finance specialists are on call, round-the-clock

A Proven Solution

Hundreds of thousands of political payments processed, totaling over $1B.

“Today, with FastPay we can streamline operations AND keep costs down. We can get a payment out in seconds versus trying to spend hours on one buy.”

- Nick Everhart, Founder & President,
Medium Buying

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With the 2020 political season just around the corner, it’s more important than ever for politcal agencies to streamline their payment process. Why? Learn more from our political infographic.

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