7 Questions to Ask Your Political Payments Provider



1. Are they fully dedicated to political media agencies? Only FastPay has more than 10 years experience processing political media with an entire support and operations team dedicated to ensuring every payment is processed correctly. We understand the urgency and complexities of political workflow, in fact the ePay platform was built specifically for political pre-pay and expedited payments that have no invoice.

2. How much political media have they successfully processed? In 2020 FastPay processed more  than a billion dollars in political media across 75,000+ transactions to thousands of national and  local media suppliers. 

3. How are they investing in the product and tools to make your life easier? FastPay spends the off cycle continually improving the ePay platform with new features and tools to ensure the election  season runs smoothly and flawlessly. We seamlessly integrate with all major accounting systems including Quickbooks, built with more fields to save you valuable time during the cycle. 

4. Are they fully dedicated to customer support and client success? FastPay has an entire support team of operation specialists, business analysts, and client success managers to support political media agencies when things get crazy.

5. How can they help you with reconciliation? Post election always brings an influx of reconciliation and refund activities. Having easily accessible information and reporting to support your reconciliation needs is essential. Only FastPay provides:

  • Proof of payment easily accessible for agencies to send to suppliers.
  • Bank reconciliation reports that tie back to card payments. 
  • Status on refund activities.

6. Are they building a sustainable ecosystem? How do they treat suppliers? FastPay reinvests in our technology for agencies AND suppliers. We have a team of payment specialists who manage supplier relationships to keep them happily accepting cards, or we strike mutually beneficial deals so they recognize the value that can be delivered in automated payments. Our suppliers are coming to us to broaden the scope of their agreements, not waiting for the expiration date to lapse. 

7. How many media suppliers do they have in their network? Only FastPay has access to more than 70,000 media suppliers with the latest payment terms, acceptance status, and contacts to make sure we maximize your total captured spend to deliver the highest revenue share. We have forged exclusive agreements with over 150 suppliers that only our agencies can access.


Following the Money: Election 2020 Infographic

2020 has been an unprecedented year, with this year’s election only further highlighting the extreme times we are living in. The 2020 election broke numerous records: most votes ever cast in a presidential election, most expensive election cycle ever, most mail-in ballots ever cast in an election, and we’re not done yet! 

FastPay broke down how the money moves behind the scenes and what it took to run and fund national political advertising in one of the most contentious elections in American history.

Congrats to All the Reed Award Winners!

Reed Awards 2020We were honored to sponsor and attend the 2020 Reed Awards in the Peach State. Named for Campaigns & Elections founder Stanley Foster Reed, The Reed Awards were created to recognize the best content producers in politics. And this year, we’re happy to announce that FastPay clients brought home a total of 29 Reed awards!  

It’s no secret that paying political media invoices can be unnecessarily complex. Printing, scanning, and overnighting with FedEx® to meet last minute deadlines is both labor intensive and stressful. FastPay Political was built to meet the unique demands of political media payments and allow political agencies the time to do what they do best…produce award winning campaigns. 

Want to reduce the tedious process behind making political payments? Contact our ad sales team to learn more and put yourself on the path to becoming a Reed award winner next year.