The Next Step in Media Buying Automation: You’re Not Too Late!

As agencies continue to operate in a post-pandemic world, three major areas of focus for automation in media buying have come to light:

• Consolidation of media buying
• Project management/collaboration
• Payment processing and management

FastPay, MediaForce, and Deltek have partnered on this webinar to show agencies how affordable automation can save your staff time and money all while automating the entire media buying workflow; from planning to payments.

── What You’ll Learn ──

1. How to streamline your media buying process to save you time and give you greater visibility into your process
2. Tools for managing your workforce and workflows remotely as companies begin to shift towards continued remote work post-pandemic
3. How to automate your media payments to ensure business continuity

Webinar: The Future of Media and Agency Operations


The disruption caused by COVID-19 across the media landscape has been sudden, dramatic, and is expected to have a lasting impact. Agencies, brands, and media suppliers are all feeling the impact both financially and operationally while working remotely. As businesses across the US slowly start to return to business as usual, what will this new world look like for advertising?

FastPay and 4As sat down with industry leaders from agencies across the country to discuss the financial and cultural impact of COVID-19 on the media and advertising industry, and what they’re doing to reposition themselves in the new normal.