For Networks & Platforms

Scale your ad network or ad tech business faster by unlocking revenue early to optimise working capital and maximise revenue.

Your Challenge

You face an inverted working capital challenge due to long payment terms with advertisers or programmatic partners, but short payment terms to data and/or media suppliers. This cash flow gap limits growth potential.

The FastPay Capital Solution

FastPay's built-for-media working capital solution will enable your business to optimise cash flow by unlocking ad revenue faster in order to maximise growth.

Unlock Programmatic Revenue

FastPay Capital enables ad networks and ad tech businesses to convert programmatic ad revenue into working capital by advancing payments early.

More working capital means the ability to pay vendors vaster and maximise media buying capacity. This helps to increase sales and ultimately drive higher revenue.

Weekly, Monthly or Bi-Monthly Funding

Select funding frequency to make financing simpler and easier, and to maximise working capital.

Re-Invest Revenue up to 120 Days Faster

Speed up your working capital cycle to re-invest earned revenue into new revenue much faster.

Automated Revenue Verification

Connecting media dashboards directly to FastPay helps avoid email verification for funding.

Unlock Revenue Mid-Campaign

Access ad revenues early that are otherwise tied-up for payment until campaign end.

Over 200 Eligible Ad Network and Platform debtors:

Unlock Agency and Brand Direct Campaign Revenue

For ad campaign revenues from agencies and brands, FastPay Capital’s lending platform enables you to simply submit insertion orders and invoices for funding.

Re-invest revenues up to 120 days faster!

Manage Long Payments Terms

Advance revenues from agency and brand clients with long payment terms, up to 120 days

Fund Branded Content

Unlock working capital tied up in branded content campaigns to manage upfront production costs

1000's of Eligible Global Brand and Agency Debtors:

Client Success Stories

FastPay works with leading digital media businesses across the US and the UK.

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